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Yellow Brick Road to being Number One

Several actions must be taken, in New Mexico, to start us on the path to becoming the best-run state in the union. To name a few: restructuring education, economic planning to include environmental management, and reducing lawlessness. Any improvement specific to these areas will make New Mexico a better place to live.

Our neighbors, Texas, Arizona, & Oklahoma all have a Right to Work Laws. Such a law empowers workers to have the freedom of choice when faced with the question of being part of a union. Industry prefers states that have Right to Work laws. New Mexico's Liberal Politicians have repeatedly rejected the Right to Work legislation. Only by giving leadership to conservative New Mexicans in the coming election will, we the people, receive the benefits derived from policies, like Right to Work laws. As a State Senator, I will work to make such legislation possible.

More on Right to Work:

The current political environment in New Mexico leaves us with little hope. For ninety-plus years, we New Mexicans have elected socialist-minded leadership that includes our current Governor and the overwhelming majority of our legislators. These historical choices have put our State in a perilous situation. The recent spending of billions on their special interest projects demonstrates my point. 

With the price of oil selling at around $25 per barrel, our state finds itself facing bankruptcy. Yet, with the possibility of huge deficits staring us in the face, our Governor squanders the state's reserves on back to back pay raises for her staff and state employees. Millions of dollars wasted, rather than being strategically employed on services that benefit New Mexico and New Mexicans in general.

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