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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

The following is Joey Tiano’s platform statement for the 2020 Election campaign for New Mexico District 39.

Second Amendment Rights: Mass Shooting and a Soulless Society

Brief Statement: We live in a soulless era where God in schools has been replaced by active shooters. Gun-free zones are our shooter-friendly welcome mats.

Mr. Joey Tiano is an avid proponent of Second Amendment rights. There is an obvious truth, Mr. Tiano states: “Gun laws that violate a citizen’s God Given Constitutional rights don’t work.” He points to the violence in the streets of Chicago as an example of strict gun laws that protect no one.

The 2019 New Mexico State Legislature made a feeble attempt to restrict gun violence and ended up making a mockery of the Second Amendment. The 2019 New Mexico State Legislature now requires that every gun purchaser receive a background check. Sales between relatives, friends, and neighbors now require a visit to an authorized location to run and pay for a background check. Police are now required to confiscate guns in domestic violence disputes. A disgruntled girlfriend or boyfriend can call the police and a private individual’s guns can be taken away. The law requires no due process, only a judgement call by police in these situations.

The right of citizens to bear arms, as codified in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, is a fundamental right and relevant to all other freedoms. The right to bear arms is the ultimate protection against a tyrannical government and should always be defended. At the same time, Mr. Tiano acknowledges the failure of our society to protect itself from the ravages of mass shootings that plague our nation. Mr. Tiano is aware that disregard for human dignity is the underlying cause for the loss of human life. Mr. Tiano points to the removal of prayer from public schools in 1962 and Bibles in 1963. By 1980, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” faltered because the Ten Commandments were gone. We have replaced reverence with irreverence, replaced God with self, and replaced life with death. We now live in an age without a soul.

Reduced Taxes: No Additional Permanent Taxes with Surplus

Brief Statement: With increasing state revenues from New Mexico’s natural resources, the continued escalation of New Mexico’s tax burden demonstrates our current state officials’ disregard for the citizenry.

The Democrat-controlled 2019 New Mexico State Legislature has no problem inventing ways to spend taxpayers’ dollars. New Mexico enjoyed a income surplus,which is the result of increased oil and gas revenues. The response was raised taxes. Once again, our legislators burden the citizens of New Mexico by increasing taxes. In addition, taxing groceries is again being considered for future sessions. The exorbitant raises given by the current administration to cabinet members, coupled with the creation of new government agencies, speaks to the mindless growth of government while New Mexicans remain hopelessly in poverty, with New Mexico behind other states by virtually every measure.

Term Limits: Entrenchment Equals Stagnation

Brief Statement: New Mexico has had too many examples of entrenched politicians who seek and maintain office for personal gain.

An entrenched legislature is a stagnant legislature. New people bring new ideas. The Legislature should be where our state's best ideas are debated. What's best for New Mexico would emerge. Mr. Tiano is proposing term limits for the New Mexico State Legislature, with a new crop of legislators refreshing the ideas debated. Currently, 15 States have legislative term limits, including our neighboring states of Arizona and Colorado. Term limits would give the citizens of New Mexico an opportunity to enhance their government with new ideas while terminating the entrenched establishment.

It is time for a new generation of legislators. It is time for New Mexico to appreciate what the future can be while simultaneously respecting the past.

Belief in Rule-of-Law and the Constitution

Brief Statement: Our nation's survival is the result of a reverence for the Constitution and we have survived as a people through our willingness to abide by the rule-of-law.

Joey Tiano is a Constitutional Originalist. He knows the Constitution and he knows that the Constitution as written is probably the greatest political document ever written. Since its ratification 230 years ago, the Constitution has given this nation the freedoms and liberties we enjoy. Mr. Tiano believes in States’ Rights as outlined in the same Constitution. The power of our government was designed to reside in each state. As a former law enforcement officer, Mr. Tiano points out the county Sheriff is the person designated to have a jurisdiction that supersedes both federal and state authority.

Because of Mr. Tiano’s knowledge of the law, he will help craft laws that can be enforced.

Pro-Life: Life is a Gift from God

Brief Statement: There is no question that life is a gift from God from conception to death; from formation of a human being in the womb to the grave.

Mr. Tiano is solidly Pro-life. Life in the womb is as precious as life in society without exception. Our society has devalued life by allowing abortion, by incessant entertainment that glorifies killing, and by allowing doctors to prescribe lethal doses of medication to their patients. Since Roe v Wade, approximately 65 million human beings have been denied life. The Albuquerque abortionist Curtis Boyd admits he is killing the unborn. A few months ago, our own University of New Mexico’s Dr. Eve Espey was ordered to stop selling body parts probably taken from Dr. Boyd’s clinic.

Born Alive and Infanticide

We were all shocked when pediatrician Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia suggested that a child born alive should be set aside until a life or death decision could be made about the child’s fate. Here in New Mexico, State Representative Rod Montoya from Farmington has proposed Born Alive legislation that would protect children born alive even though an abortion has been attempted. The legislation failed at the first juncture in the legislative process. Mr. Tiano plans to change that.

Death Penalty

There is a vast and universal difference between a child in the womb and a criminal. A baby is the picture of innocence.

As a result of a career in law enforcement, to Mr. Tiano, criminality is not an academic argument. The biblical principles that underlie our penal code require capital punishment in some cases. It is not contradictory to suggest that those in the womb are incapable of malice and are innocent, as opposed to those whose criminal involvement has taken another’s life.

In fact, a murder charge should be brought against those who euthanize our babies. At a minimum, we should tax doctors who do the procedure.

Limited Government

Brief Statement: A smaller government is a better government. Government intrusion now invades every aspect of our lives.

States’ Rights:

States are guaranteed all rights not delegated in the Constitution. States have surrendered authority so that the major seat of government now resides in Washington. For example, issues such as water rights are not decided in New Mexico, but by Washington’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Decisions that affect New Mexicans, such as water rights, are handled from afar rather than at the local level. Another example is our Federal lands. Mr. Tiano would like to see control of water rights and Federal lands returned to the State.

Economic Development

An immediate solution to economic development in our state is to pass Right-to-Work legislation. Surrounding states flourish because they have right-to-work laws.

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