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Joey Tiano Will Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights and Work Against Red Flag Laws

As a former first responder, Joey Taino will continue his service as a first responder by defending your 2nd Amendment Rights in the New Mexico State Senate.

New Mexicans are unaware of the devastating personal damage that will be caused with the passage of the proposed Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act, this “Red Flag” law is fraught with problems.

For example, fraudulent charges can be filed against New Mexicans without regard to Constitutional rights and without due process. Contrary to all other laws in America, once charged with a Red Flag law, there is an assumption of guilty until proven innocent. The cost of proving innocence is borne entirely by the individual. In all other circumstances, legal representation may be provided by the state; that is a lawyer may be appointed to provide a legal defense. Not so with Red Flag laws.

Under the law, personal property, i.e. guns and ammunition, are seized. With renewed orders, the property can be held indefinitely. All this can occur even with a fraudulent accuser, who will escape any legal or criminal liability.

For example, compared to the legal responsibility incurred under most false arrests, legal remedies for false Red Flag accusations are non-existent. Fraudulent or false charges under the proposed Red Flag law carry no legal defense.

Colorado’s Red Flag bill became law this month, January 2020. A police incident occurred in which a man was urged 36 times to drop the weapon. In a futile attempt to defuse the situation, the officer backed away more than 100 feet. The attacker, wielding a bayonet, was ultimately shot and killed.The mother of the attacker filed Red Flag charges against the officer.

New Mexico’s Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act, Senate Bill 5 (the Red Flag Law) is an attack planned by our Governor on 2nd Amendment rights.

Joey wants to continue his service to you as your first responder in the New Mexico Senate. With your help, he can win in November.

New Mexicans for New Mexico!!

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