• Joey Tiano

How to Be the Worst-Run State in the Union

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

New Mexico is the worst run state in the nation according to rankings in the Wall Street Journal. Once again New Mexico ranks 50th, rock bottom, of all states in the Union. Poverty is a major factor in the calculations. One out of 5 New Mexicans lives in poverty. During the last legislative session the state of New Mexico enjoyed a $465 million tax surplus. That was enough to give every man, woman and child in New Mexican over $200 each. Instead, the Lujan Grisham administration raised taxes on New Mexicans, bloated government with another brand new government agency and gave a 17% raise to government officials making $100,000 plus salaries.

Could this government ripoff be why we’re always at the bottom of every list? What if that money went back to the people of New Mexico rather than to government officials? That money circulating would stimulate our economy and strengthen our families. The delight of a Christmas gift under the Christmas tree for a poverty stricken New Mexico family would do more and can never compare to yet another “data driven” government program.

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