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Countdown to General Election: November 3rd, 2020

Joey Tiano Platform

  • Pro-Life

    There is no question that life is a gift from God from conception to death; from formation of a human being in the womb to the grave.

  • Rule of Law

    Our nation's survival is the result of a reverence for the Constitution and we have survived as a people through our willingness to abide by the rule-of-law.

  • Term Limits

    New Mexico has had too many examples of entrenched politicians who seek and maintain office for personal gain.

  • Reduced Taxes

    With increasing state revenues from New Mexico’s natural resources, the continued escalation of New Mexico’s tax burden demonstrates our current state officials’ disregard for the citizenry.

  • Limited Government

    A smaller government is a better government. Government intrusion now invades every aspect of our lives.

  • 2nd Amendment Rights

    We live in a soulless era where God in schools has been replaced by active shooters. Gun-free zones are our shooter-friendly welcome mats.

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